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10 Places to Visit Before they Disappear

10 Jan

This morning after I walked my dog I opened my brand new Sony Vaio SA laptop and when the MSN homepage came up one of the video headlines caught my attention.

As a person who loves to travel and loves to see new things and also ancient things I was very intrigued by this video.

Check it out here: 10 Places to Visit Before they Disappear

So while watching this I noticed a few places that I have actually been. I have been to the Dead Sea in Jordan and I have been to Venice, Italy. I’ve decided that I want to visit all of the locations listed in this video. I don’t want to look back ten or twenty years from now and say, “wow I can’t believe it’s gone”.

Traveling is an experience that no amount of internet browsing can replace. I encourage and challenge all who are reading this to travel somewhere outside of their home radius within the year. Trust me you will not regret it.


ONLY 7 days left? Sho?

16 Dec


Where did the time go???
Oh yea I remember, it went by while I was camping in Petra and Wadi Rum, learning how to debke with Bedouin’s, riding donkeys and camels, spending time in Cafes with my friends, eating food with my host family, swimming in the Red Sea, and a billion other things.

According to my ‘Holiday in Panama Countdown’ I have 7 days 9 hours 53 minutes and 30 seconds until my flight out of Jordan. *sad face*

I literarily feel like I’ve been bamboozled by Father Time and I am NOT ok with that. I wish I could stay here in Jordan longer! My host family asked me why won’t I stay another semester and I said, “um… I have to graduate on time but I’ll be back to visit I promise”. I truly do intend on coming back to Jordan, hopefully in the summer for my friends wedding (for which she has recruited a select few to do the ‘Single Ladies’ dance… if you met her you would understand the comedy behind it).

My experience in Jordan has been an amazing one and I still can’t believe it even happened. I wonder sometimes if I’m just having a really GOOD dream and that I’ll wake up any moment in Virginia.

Last night CIEE had a going away dinner and it clicked for me, then, that I was at the end of my journey in Jordan. I am dreading the day I head to the airport because I just know that I will be in absolute PIECES and I am NOT ready for the ‘re-entry culture shock’ that some experience after studying abroad.

Overall, I had a GREAT time in Jordan and I met amazing people many of which I know will be friends for a lifetime.

Sidenote: I am going to miss my Arabic professor Dr. Muna SOOOOO SO SO MUCH!!! And Dr. Rula, my Contemporary Arab Women Writers professor, mostly because she calls me brilliant every class but also because she makes very “off the wall” comments that make you reconsider how you feel about something which I love.

On another note: the Short Story that we had to write in my writers class were evaluated and returned and I received a 20/20 which only two students in the class received so excuse me for tooting my own horn for a second but I’m proud of myself so toot toot.

…my host mom is making a special lunch for guests we’re having so let me go be a good daughter and see if she needs help.

Ashley Marie

P.S.: Thanks to the influence of a friend I am now on Tumblr… Yes, I am now addicted so if your in for a laugh or occasional inspiration check it out at http://www.amariepink.tumblr.com

Guess whos going abroad!!!

14 Mar

You guessed right, ME! =)

I received my acceptance letter yesterday from the Global Education Office saying that I had been accepted into the program and could continue onto the remaining steps to ensure my study at the University of Jordan!

City of Petra in Jordan! I can't wait to see it with my own two eyes!!!

Talk about excited!!!! I am so pumped its ridiculous. I don’t even know how many words could possibly express how amped I am about going abroad let alone going to Jordan.

First things first, let  me explain a little about the journey that has gotten me to this ecstatic point…

It all started on a normal school day, I was just walking by a wall or column when I noticed a flyer for a new program in Jordan and a nice scholarship to match! So, being that free is always a great number I was interested and went to see the Global Education Director in Ballston.

After the meeting I immediately went to get forms signed and essays written! I expressed to him that I wanted to go to Jordan because I want to show students that a) you don’t have to go abroad solely for your major (because clearly there are no fashion courses in Jordan) and b) any country is available to you! ANY country at all!!!

My goals going to Jordan are to fully be immersed in the culture and above all else learn the language! I told my friends that speak Arabic that I would come back and have a conversation with them so I hope that works out for me!!!

Now, I have some housekeeping things to complete, more forms to submit, but I am well on my way to studying at the University of Jordan in the Fall of 2010!!!!