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Winding down

9 Jan

The spring semester will begin in 8 days. Eight days!!! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. August 2008 was when I started this journey and now it is almost over. For any senior this is a joyous time but also an emotional rollercoaster. This is also the time when some student have life crisis’. Where do I go from here? What am I going to do? Etc. For the longest time I thought that I had my whole life planned out. I mean EVERYTHING. But now, some items have shifted and I’m looking in various directions. My main focus is still the same which is to become the editor in chief of a successful print publication however, which publication and my path to it all up for grabs. Fashion is still a very large part of my life but I would be equally happy writing for Time or National Geographic. Just as long as the content isn’t too drab I think I will be ok.

I always told myself I wanted to go straight to graduate school after undergrad, no breaks. If I take a break there is a good chance I won’t come back or at least not for a while. But now I’m not sure. I’m just so tired. I’m trying to encourage myself and say that I can definitely handle it but sheesh, a vacation would sound fantastic instead.

Regardless, I am definitely applying to Georgetown University. I really like the size of their program and although it is a fairly new program it seemed to fit when I went to an information session. The program reminds me of what I’m used to at Marymount plus the program itself is only one year so for that reason I am very excited. Oh and did I mention that they don’t require the GRE.

I’m going to go off on a tangent too and say that all standardized tests are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo¬†annoying. I wish there was a better way to test students. I just despise¬†tests. I do pretty well on tests so I’m not bitter or anything but I just don’t like the format most of the time. The questions are written to be deceptive and I know that I know more than I am being tested on. Ok, sorry but I had to let that out.

Overall, I am really looking forward to this semester. It is my last semester as a student at Marymount University and I am going to make it count. My January calendar is nearly full and February is catching up.

I am looking forward to Student Government and all the many resolutions we will pass. I am looking forward to Circle K and all of the events that we will participate in. I’m ready for volunteer events I will do with my sorority sisters and I am looking forward to the fashion shows this semester! First Voyage to Utopia and the Portfolio in Motion.

There is a lot going on this semester and I just hope that I can fit it all in.