Little Monster

29 Dec

You know what one of the hardest things to do once you have a puppy is…


Seriously I feel like I have a child. He is the cutest thing in the world but he has so much energy. One of the other things that’s really difficult for me to do is discipline him. When I try to punish him he looks at me with really big puppy eyes that make you melt.

The puppy eyed effect is starting to wear off though because I had to put him in his place when he started chewing on the floor mat in the car.

Anyway, just a word to the wise that when you get a puppy don’t plan on having a complete and uninterrupted eight hours of sleep for a few weeks.

Other than that he’s a great puppy. Crazy, but still great.


Tis the season

25 Dec




Puppy Apollo comes in 8 days!!!

8 Dec

I got a rottweiler pupppppppppppppppppppppppppy!!! =)

His name is Apollo and he is 7 weeks old. My brave little guy will be flying in to BWI on Dec. 16 and I can’t wait!

He is soooooo cute.


This is a new and exciting undertaking for David and I but to be honest though I’m looking forward to buying tons of puppy stuff. Eventually, I also want a small Yorkie but Apollo the rottweiler will do just fine for now. David said I need some form of protection so his first choice was dog. Typical of a man but he doesn’t realize that Apollo is going to be my new best friend.

Circle K goes coo coo for HOT COCO

7 Dec

Like that? I thought of it myself.

TOMORROW, Circle K will be setting up shop in Gerard lobby from 12-4pm giving out FREE Hot Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Donations are welcome and they will be given to a local charity that supports homeless families during the winter season.

So, be sure to come down to Gerard and grab some Hot Coco. Who doesn’t like Hot Coco?

SGA and why MU’s is amazing

7 Dec

The Student Government Association’s motto is “Working for Students”. As a member of the SGA in high school and also after speaking with SGA Presidents from universities in the area, Marymount truly had a unique SGA.

The university allows the SGA to make decisions on behalf of the students. Our recommendations are heard from Deans, Vice Presidents, and the university President. Most SGA’s do work for the students but are limited by their university. Marymount is the opposite.

Last week SGA held a “Doughtnut Day” in the Lee Center foyer area.

The purpose of the “Doughnut Day” is to survey students on a particular topic. Our survey question was in regards to adopting 26th street and whether students would actively participate. The result was an overwhelming ‘yes’.

Last week SGA also approved over 25,000 of funds for club budgets for the spring semester. It is rare that an SGA will have such authority. We are charged to be objective and fair and to provide the absolute best to the students we represent. This is a great task but we have done a fantastic job.

Just this Monday SGA voted to approve a resolution that would bring a Hot Beverage vending machine to campus. Imagine a winter day on campus and you want an instant hot chocolate or coffee. The best part is that the vending machine would provide all the supplies you need as well as allow you to customize your drink.

Over the years SGA has provided amenities to the student body that have proven valuable. For example, if your feeling stressed be sure to visit the massage chair in the Student Health center brought to you by SGA. I know that I will be spending some quality time there during final exam week!

As the President of SGA I can honestly say that it has been a blast and great pleasure. Every senator and Vice President works extremely hard for the student body in more ways than one.

In my opinion being a member of SGA should allow students to receive credits towards their diploma because we really do enough work to facilitate a 300 level course.

Overall, great job to the SGA, kudos to the administration to working with our demands, haha, and special thank you to our adviser Brandon Jenkins who allows us to take control of our organization and truly allow it to be student run and governed.

Deception in Communication… Senior Seminar research paper is COMPLETE!

6 Dec


Senior Seminar is the capstone for most majors at MU. Lucky me, I get a double dose of Senior Seminar because I am a double major. This semester I have chosen to complete Senior Seminar in Communications and next semester I will complete Senior Seminar in Fashion Merchandising.

Dr. Fallon teaches COM 425 and it has been a great class by far the best class this semester. It’s a three-hour course but time flies in that class we do more talking then anything else. It’s a small class with only 7 students. I love it. We talk about the chapter but then we always go off on tangents before tying it all back together.

In addition to chapter lecture and exams the courses main focus is a research paper that culminates all of the teaching. My research paper is titled ‘Deception in Communication’. It focuses on the ways people deceive in everyday communication and why they do it in the first place. Essentially, everybody lies and I want to know why.

I completed the paper and instantly felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. It feels good to have completed a 20 page paper (yes I said 20 page) and know that it is a job well done. Now, lets just hope that the grade I receive reflects that as well.


30 Nov

As a senior there are some classes that you should be taking and some classes that you should have taken already. Somehow I managed to skip over AA 151 Textiles and I am now taking is as a senior. Now, because I have taken so many classes that theoretically come after this class I didn’t think it would be too difficult and I looked forward to learning about fibers and fabrics more in-depth.

For some odd reason my AA 151 class is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo intense. And no, that is not an understatement. The professor is very knowledgeable which is great but the work load is, in my opinion, a bit much for a 100 level class. Still, I have tried not to let the class kick my behind. I’m in the A range for the class so I’m happy but I am definitely working hard for that A believe you me.

Today we turned in our final project (Textile Application) and we presented one garment and the other we will present next Wednesday. The project calls for us to choose two garments from different seasons and analyze them from head to toe, inside and out. I mean EVERYTHING. Down to weave structure, garment construction, and finishes applied. The course has prepared us for this project very well but I think the timing is just terrible which is understandable as all final projects are due around the same time. Luckily, it helped that I started many of my assignments early which is always the way to go!

Anyway, I am looking forward to next Wednesday because that will mark the end of all assignments for this class and then I will only have to focus on studying for the final exam (not looking forward to).

So, to all the Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design students out there, be prepared to focus and study hard in AA 151. It is a great course that makes you think outside the realm of fashion fabrics and really focus on textiles used in our everyday life. But it will require plenty of reserved study time so do not slack on this class.