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Student vs. Faculty/Staff basketball game tomorrow

27 Feb

So tomorrow is the Student vs. Faculty & Staff basketball game.

Last week I walked into the Admissions office to warm up some food before class (random, I know) and Mike Canfield stopped me in the hallway. He said that I should play on the student team.

You can imagine my face after he said that.

Why would anyone want to watch me play basketball. Anyway, after I checked my calendar I’m actually free that night BUT I have to find someone to watch my dog or bring my dog to the game.

So, unless Apollo can watch from the sidelines I doubt I will be able to play.

But who knows.

Come out to the game to see if I actually play or not!!!!


Are you ready for your voyage to begin?

8 Feb


Yes, 10 days away!

Tickets are being sold during lunch and dinner in the Gerard dining hall as well as in the Lee Center atrium. Tickets can also be purchases online at

I bought my fiance a VIP ticket to the show. This will be his first fashion show ever attending and I think he will love it.

Voyage to Utopia is unlike any other shows I have had the pleasure of working on or attending. The show fuses the cultures of African, Caribbean, and Latino styles and brings a modern twist on fundamental elements. The show will showcase designers in the DMV area as well as Marymount Alumni designers.

Every year that I have worked on this production is gets better and better. I can’t wait to come back next year as a MU alum and watch the show!

Oh how plans have a way of changing

7 Feb

For as long as I can remember I have always been the one to plan everything out. From A to Z. Plans are what I lived by. If it wasn’t in the plan then it wasn’t ok. I need structure sometimes because without it there can be too much room for ambiguity and sometimes that doesn’t end well.

But alas, I have been challenged yet again.

So, last night I was talking to my fiance David about graduate schools and the applications that I needed to finish, etc. And we started talking about St. Johns College in Annapolis, MD. Even though he attends the Naval Academy which is RIGHT NEXT to it he had no idea what the school offered at all. So, I decided to look into it. As I read more and more about the course offering I became more and more intrigued by the thought of a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts. It definitely much more broad as opposed to a MA, MS, or MPS in Journalism which was my original intent. Nevertheless, the school and the program stood out to me.

I called this morning to set up an appointment and tour but I think I’m becoming more and more excited about submitting my application. The curriculum boasts an environment unlike any educational institution. A school that teaches you how to use your mind by exploring the minds of ancient philosophers. I think that is amazing and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of the college before now.

The best kept secrets I guess…

In a three months I will be a graduate of Marymount University and maybe on my way to beginning the summer term at St. Johns…. We shall see.

SGA does Rock Climbing

30 Jan

Slowly but surely making my way up

When the SGA advisor asked me how we should conduct our retreat for the spring semester I’m not sure what I was thinking when I responded, “let’s rock climb”.

In the past we rented beach homes and cabins and did team building activities for a weekend. This time around I opted for aches and pains. But, at least they were aches and pains that we all felt as a team… right?

Yesterday, SGA, went to Sport Rock gym in Alexandria, VA. This was a great opportunity for SGA because we meet every week for a few hours and then we write legislation. Sometimes its just a great way to build morale when you have events outside of the norm.

Together, we learned how to ‘belay’ each other. We learned how to tie secure knots and of course we had a taste of actually rock climbing.

For me, as was the case for other SGA members, this was our first experience rock climbing. I thought it would be much easier then it looked. I was so wrong. By the end of the day and into the morning my arms were on fire! The following Monday at our meeting we were all sore but at the same token we shared that experience and I think that it brought us all closer together.

For any student organization working together is a must and what better way to reinforce that then putting your life in a group members hands huh?

Seriously though I had a great time aside from some disorganization on Sport Rock’s part it was a great event!

Check out some photos (FYI rock climbing is extremely uncomfortable the first few times) :

Clinging to my life!


10 Places to Visit Before they Disappear

10 Jan

This morning after I walked my dog I opened my brand new Sony Vaio SA laptop and when the MSN homepage came up one of the video headlines caught my attention.

As a person who loves to travel and loves to see new things and also ancient things I was very intrigued by this video.

Check it out here: 10 Places to Visit Before they Disappear

So while watching this I noticed a few places that I have actually been. I have been to the Dead Sea in Jordan and I have been to Venice, Italy. I’ve decided that I want to visit all of the locations listed in this video. I don’t want to look back ten or twenty years from now and say, “wow I can’t believe it’s gone”.

Traveling is an experience that no amount of internet browsing can replace. I encourage and challenge all who are reading this to travel somewhere outside of their home radius within the year. Trust me you will not regret it.

Little Monster

29 Dec

You know what one of the hardest things to do once you have a puppy is…


Seriously I feel like I have a child. He is the cutest thing in the world but he has so much energy. One of the other things that’s really difficult for me to do is discipline him. When I try to punish him he looks at me with really big puppy eyes that make you melt.

The puppy eyed effect is starting to wear off though because I had to put him in his place when he started chewing on the floor mat in the car.

Anyway, just a word to the wise that when you get a puppy don’t plan on having a complete and uninterrupted eight hours of sleep for a few weeks.

Other than that he’s a great puppy. Crazy, but still great.

Tis the season

25 Dec