Oh how plans have a way of changing

7 Feb

For as long as I can remember I have always been the one to plan everything out. From A to Z. Plans are what I lived by. If it wasn’t in the plan then it wasn’t ok. I need structure sometimes because without it there can be too much room for ambiguity and sometimes that doesn’t end well.

But alas, I have been challenged yet again.

So, last night I was talking to my fiance David about graduate schools and the applications that I needed to finish, etc. And we started talking about St. Johns College in Annapolis, MD. Even though he attends the Naval Academy which is RIGHT NEXT to it he had no idea what the school offered at all. So, I decided to look into it. As I read more and more about the course offering I became more and more intrigued by the thought of a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts. It definitely much more broad as opposed to a MA, MS, or MPS in Journalism which was my original intent. Nevertheless, the school and the program stood out to me.

I called this morning to set up an appointment and tour but I think I’m becoming more and more excited about submitting my application. The curriculum boasts an environment unlike any educational institution. A school that teaches you how to use your mind by exploring the minds of ancient philosophers. I think that is amazing and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of the college before now.

The best kept secrets I guess…

In a three months I will be a graduate of Marymount University and maybe on my way to beginning the summer term at St. Johns…. We shall see.


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