SGA and why MU’s is amazing

7 Dec

The Student Government Association’s motto is “Working for Students”. As a member of the SGA in high school and also after speaking with SGA Presidents from universities in the area, Marymount truly had a unique SGA.

The university allows the SGA to make decisions on behalf of the students. Our recommendations are heard from Deans, Vice Presidents, and the university President. Most SGA’s do work for the students but are limited by their university. Marymount is the opposite.

Last week SGA held a “Doughtnut Day” in the Lee Center foyer area.

The purpose of the “Doughnut Day” is to survey students on a particular topic. Our survey question was in regards to adopting 26th street and whether students would actively participate. The result was an overwhelming ‘yes’.

Last week SGA also approved over 25,000 of funds for club budgets for the spring semester. It is rare that an SGA will have such authority. We are charged to be objective and fair and to provide the absolute best to the students we represent. This is a great task but we have done a fantastic job.

Just this Monday SGA voted to approve a resolution that would bring a Hot Beverage vending machine to campus. Imagine a winter day on campus and you want an instant hot chocolate or coffee. The best part is that the vending machine would provide all the supplies you need as well as allow you to customize your drink.

Over the years SGA has provided amenities to the student body that have proven valuable. For example, if your feeling stressed be sure to visit the massage chair in the Student Health center brought to you by SGA. I know that I will be spending some quality time there during final exam week!

As the President of SGA I can honestly say that it has been a blast and great pleasure. Every senator and Vice President works extremely hard for the student body in more ways than one.

In my opinion being a member of SGA should allow students to receive credits towards their diploma because we really do enough work to facilitate a 300 level course.

Overall, great job to the SGA, kudos to the administration to working with our demands, haha, and special thank you to our adviser Brandon Jenkins who allows us to take control of our organization and truly allow it to be student run and governed.


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