Deception in Communication… Senior Seminar research paper is COMPLETE!

6 Dec


Senior Seminar is the capstone for most majors at MU. Lucky me, I get a double dose of Senior Seminar because I am a double major. This semester I have chosen to complete Senior Seminar in Communications and next semester I will complete Senior Seminar in Fashion Merchandising.

Dr. Fallon teaches COM 425 and it has been a great class by far the best class this semester. It’s a three-hour course but time flies in that class we do more talking then anything else. It’s a small class with only 7 students. I love it. We talk about the chapter but then we always go off on tangents before tying it all back together.

In addition to chapter lecture and exams the courses main focus is a research paper that culminates all of the teaching. My research paper is titled ‘Deception in Communication’. It focuses on the ways people deceive in everyday communication and why they do it in the first place. Essentially, everybody lies and I want to know why.

I completed the paper and instantly felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. It feels good to have completed a 20 page paper (yes I said 20 page) and know that it is a job well done. Now, lets just hope that the grade I receive reflects that as well.


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