30 Nov

As a senior there are some classes that you should be taking and some classes that you should have taken already. Somehow I managed to skip over AA 151 Textiles and I am now taking is as a senior. Now, because I have taken so many classes that theoretically come after this class I didn’t think it would be too difficult and I looked forward to learning about fibers and fabrics more in-depth.

For some odd reason my AA 151 class is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo intense. And no, that is not an understatement. The professor is very knowledgeable which is great but the work load is, in my opinion, a bit much for a 100 level class. Still, I have tried not to let the class kick my behind. I’m in the A range for the class so I’m happy but I am definitely working hard for that A believe you me.

Today we turned in our final project (Textile Application) and we presented one garment and the other we will present next Wednesday. The project calls for us to choose two garments from different seasons and analyze them from head to toe, inside and out. I mean EVERYTHING. Down to weave structure, garment construction, and finishes applied. The course has prepared us for this project very well but I think the timing is just terrible which is understandable as all final projects are due around the same time. Luckily, it helped that I started many of my assignments early which is always the way to go!

Anyway, I am looking forward to next Wednesday because that will mark the end of all assignments for this class and then I will only have to focus on studying for the final exam (not looking forward to).

So, to all the Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design students out there, be prepared to focus and study hard in AA 151. It is a great course that makes you think outside the realm of fashion fabrics and really focus on textiles used in our everyday life. But it will require plenty of reserved study time so do not slack on this class.



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