Portfolio In Motion 2012

16 Nov

During my freshman year at Marymount I learned of the spring production Portfolio In Motion. I auditioned to be a model and to my humble surprise was chosen to be apart of the show. It was definitely a lot of fun and I had to a great opportunity to interact with some of the upper class students who were coordinators and specialists. I knew that I would like to be in their shoes one day.

Two shows past that I was not involved in because I was doing a million other things but finally the time has come to be in the back helping to create the production. I applied for a position in the show and am now the Backstage Specialist. I really love being backstage because organization is key to the success of the show. If a model can’t be dressed in time for the scene the garment will not go out. This is a huge undertaking because the smallest error can have consequential results.

Anyway, today is the first PIM theme meeting. I am excited to present my them but also to see what fantastic themes other members have put together. I know that together we will choose a theme that highlights the work of the talented students at Marymount as well as continue with the legacy of Portfolio In Motion.

I hope your ready because this show is going to be AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! (and not just because I am working on it, haha)


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