Scandals, Karma, and All of the above…

9 Nov

To date there have been a whirlwind of stories to surface that have competely caught the public by surprise. Sexual scandals and the like have become a regular in the media. What is going on?

I think that for any one, group, or institution to purposefully cover something scandalous up is horrendous. My fiance was reading information and the Penn State sexual abuse scandal and he made a point about karma.

I’ve always believed that if you do good things then good things will happen and if you do bad things… well… you know the rest.

Not only has this particular scandal rubbed me the wrong way but some interactions I have had with people this week and last week have just completely made me appreciate the relativity of karma.

Word of advice:  live each day with a bright smile and remember to treat people with respect and curtisy.


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