FINALLY Registered for Spring 2012

4 Nov

Every semester students have to register for the next semester… simple right? Not so simple when you have student account holds and you have to go through countless obstacles to have it lifted. You know what makes it even more difficult when someone tells you that you need to have your entire balance paid off and your looking at them like “how in the world am I going to do that”.

I think what people need to realize is that there are students who support themselves. This means that mom and dad do not provide them with an allowance nor do they payany portion of their tuition.

That’s how my parents are and at first I resented it but now I look at it  bit differently. I know that I have to rely on myself which makes me work harder and smarter. At the end of the day I have to be self reliant because no one is going to be there to bail me out. I think this has made me also appreciate my education more.

I don’t know but either way I think MU should have a different policy when it comes to registering for the next semester. Then again I could be bitter about my experience but hey.

It felt good knowing that I was registering for the last time though. Its bittersweet but I’m ready for the next stage in my life.

Yay class of 2012!!!!


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