Bittersweet Memories

12 Sep

One year ago today I was getting ready to embark on a fantastic adventure. I was packed and ready to head to Dulles airport where I would be boarding a flight destined for Amman, Jordan.

To be honest this entire week I have been feeling a bit down. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it then but now, I think I was gloomy because I was remembering all the fun things I was doing in Jordan and all of the interesting people I was meeting everyday.

When you study abroad one of the first things you learn about in the pre-departure orientation is culture shock and how you feel during reentry, etc. I think I am experiencing a reverse effect, one that doesn’t show until a year later. I find myself missing my host family, missing the taxi’s that would take me to the University of Jordan, the large campus, the FOOD, and of course, my friends.

My 21st birthday is approaching (October 17) and I can’t help but think about my 20th birthday spent in Jordan and how AMAZING it was. I seriously doubt that I could ever top that but believe me I will try.

I called my friend Jamileh, whom I’d meet during the Dead Sea Panorama visit my second day in Jordan,  and it felt like no time had passed between us at all. We found ourselves reminiscing  about our daily lives in Jordan, classes we’d taken, and places we’d been. I really do miss Jordan and all of the things I had the opportunity to do there. I hope and pray that I will be able to visit very soon!!!!


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