First Day of the Last Days…

29 Aug

Today has FINALLY arrived!!!! I am currently sitting in Gailhac hall anxiously awaiting the start of my second class of the day; Product Development. Earlier today I had Editing and the Editorial Process with Professor Byers who I’ve had pretty much every semester I’ve been at Marymount. Needless to say I am very excited about the start of school. Some would call that being a nerd but I’m just ready to close one chapter and begin another. After this semester I’ll be on the home stretch. Senior year came in the blink of an eye and I’m eager to see how graduate school is going to work.

All in all I will definitely be enjoying my last year. With 18 credits and a trough of activities and events I will definitely be keeping busy, no worries. I’ve had to make some cuts also to accommodate my new schedule which was tough but I know it was needed.

I am looking forward to my classes especially Senior Seminar for Communications and I am also looking forward to the events. You know throughout the years I’ve spent at MU I have never attended Snowball in the spring… yea, that’s something I will have to do!

Anyway, the school year began with bumps… [earthquake and a hurricane] but I know it will be great. I am anticipating all A’s this semester especially now that I’ve freed up some extra time for school work.

I’m just excited to get the ball rolling and I hope the first year students savor every moment because before they know what hit them, they’ll be right where I am now.


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