Jammin Java and Black Alley

4 Aug

Last night my friend invited me to hear a band. When I asked her the name of the band I was skeptic but I trusted her judgement and she assured me that the band was phenomenal.

The location was Jammin Java in Vienna, VA so it wasn’t too far from Marymount at all, it’s really just a straight shot down Old Dominion and Dolly Madison (if your familiar with the area). Oh, and the best part was it only cost me $5.

So we get there and its actually like a battle of the bands kind of showcase and the winner moves on to compete for the opening spot of the HFSTIVAL in September.

The first band, in my personal opinion, was garbage sorry to say and the second was better but that might just be because they came after the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I won’t name names because maybe, just maybe, someone out there is a fan of the two bands. But anywho, when Black Alley came on they instantly gained a new fan in me!

I’m definitely their biggest fan now, hands down. They rocked so hard its not even funny.

Black Alley is a self proclaimed soul garage band with so much flavor and charisma. The lead singer is truly blessed with an impressive set of windpipes to say the least and the each band member plays their instrument as if it were attached to their body.

I encourage all reading this to check them out at their website>>> www.blackalleyband.com

Don’t be surprised if you catch me at their next show.


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