Billboard Awards… Who Run the World?

22 May

To be honest the entire show was LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE and the only performance that was worth watching was Beyonce’s Run the World.

If you missed it, here it is:

This performance was absolutely AMAZING. Mind you I wasn’t a huge fan of the song itself initially, needless to say it has grown on me now. The timing, precision, and execution needed for this performance was top of the line and no one that night even came remotely close. Beyonce was running all over the place and shaking in all directions and yet she STILL sang beautifully! THAT is a performer. She didn’t need to rely on lip syncing technique and didn’t over emphasis her back up vocalists. I can appreciate an artist who really understands their craft. In addition to a phenomenal performance she was also humble enough to thank various people in her acceptance speech (following her performance) that I personally would not have thanked so kudos to Bey for her loving spirit. And not to mention how adorable her shout out to Jay Z was… oh man, I died.

Lastly, because I could potentially get caught up in the greatness of the whole thing, I must also shed light on something blatant. Being the masonic enthusiast that I am and of course my eye for cues in plain sight I must address the numerous symbols throughout her performance and video. I’m just saying it was a fantastic performance, and the song is motivating and inspirational, BUT let’s not forget that all things have a purpose. After watching is a million times certain things start to stand out…if your looking for them. That’s all. Still love her though… she SLAYED!

Sidenote: After Beyonce the only other performance I looked forward to was Nicki Minaj and unfortunately Nicki’s performance absolutely broke my heart. It was quite ratchet and disturbing to say the least. The outfit was terrible, those dance moves were terrible, the vocals were terrible, and the whole thing was just TERRIBLE! Ugh… Do Better Nicki.


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