All hail the Queen…

16 May

…ok, well maybe not that dramatic.

Today I got the official call from President & Founder, Sheryl Guy-Gordon, that I will be representing the beautiful country of Panama in the 2011 Miss Caribbean Metro USA pageant! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I’ve never been in a pageant before so this will definitely be quite interesting. I’m not really sure what to expect but I am looking forward to the experience and of course meeting new people.

The Miss Caribbean Metro USA® pageant is the largest in scale and most influential beauty pageant in the DC Metropolitan area. Since its inception in March, 2007, this event has grown tremendously. The organizing committee is dedicated to promoting the Caribbean culture, international cultural awareness and community significance. Our mission is to empower and enlighten young Caribbean women to become ambassadors, role models for the Caribbean community with the rare opportunity to show their cultural pride and leadership in a culturally blended society.

The theme for this pageant is “Beauty on Purpose.” We believe that every young lady has an inner beauty and that beauty will ultimately bring to light, their purpose in this life. To that end, we encourage each girl in the competition to be in tune with not just their outer beauty but inner beauty as well. We hope that through this pageant, we will be able to foster a more cohesive relationship with our Caribbean people in the metro area. It is our prayer that our Caribbean community will grow from strength to strength and may we be “one big family.”

My goal while competing in this pageant is of course to win, duh, because I am competitive by nature, but also to foster close relationships and above all else bring the Panamanian culture to the forefront. In Newport News, Virginia where I live I would run into someone Panamanian on a daily basis. It was rare to drive down the street and not see a Panama flag dangling from a rear view mirror. But throughout my years in Arlington, VA and the DMV area I haven’t had much luck. I know we’re here (because we’re EVERYWHERE) so I expect to see them ALL out JULY 23 for the coronation ceremony!

The Grand Coronation Show will take place JULY 23 at the Charles Herbert Flowers Performing Arts Center located at 10001 Ardwick Ardmore Rd Springdale, MD 200

For more info. check out the website…

And my own personal promotion website will launch next week =)


2 Responses to “All hail the Queen…”

  1. caribbean community May 25, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    will eagerly wait for the new website.

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