Public Relations Techniques

4 Apr

Public Relations concept to increase Carpooling, think of the song "Its Raining Men", that was our inspiration.

As a result of having freakishly warm weather today my COM 302 (Public Relations Techniques) class successfully convinced our professor to have class outside!

We walked from our regular classroom, room 2008 in Gailhac, to Rowley courtyard and proceeded to have class. The sultry sounds of the wind, spring aroma, and incessant flower petals that attacked when the wind swept them up all culminated into the aspects I have grown to admire about the Spring season. However, on a different note (because weather talk makes me anxious) I enjoyed having class outside for a change because it set a whole new tone for the class. Subsequently, due to the nice weather many students did not show up (shame on them) so the class size was much smaller than normal. This lent itself to our advantage because we were able to laugh and joke on an even more familiar level.

The image above this text is a product of today’s class session. With nine students in attendance our professor broke us into three groups of three. She then handed out a prompt that echoed something to the effect of “make a print ad concept for carpooling” and so we did. Professor Bridgette Johnson gave out white poster board cut outs and then… wait for it… colored markers! I’m not going to lie to you, I did get extremely excited by the idea of coloring! I don’t know what it is about coloring that just gets you so… overjoyed. Maybe its because its seldom that college students are coloring…(I’m used to text heavy papers and essays), that is, unless you are a Fashion Design or an Arts discipline major.

Nonetheless, I was ready to color anything and everything and as you can tell from the image above we did just that. Kudos to Professor Johnson for letting us have class outside, especially since the forecast for tomorrow is ICKY!


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