Love is in the air <3

14 Feb

My mentor made me this Valentine’s Day card. =)

TODAY is Valentine’s Day!
This is the day when your suppose to share your innermost admiration and affection with others.

Some people think that “someone” has to be a significant other but that’s not true at all.

I’m looking forward to spending my Valentine’s day with my friends! =)
I also have plans with my Valentine for the weekend after the Circle K International district convention in Crystal City.

Something small, nothing too extravagant. Just very simple and cute along the lines of a dinner and laughs.

One of my friends is throwing an anti Valentine’s party which I think is hilarious. I will not be attending because I have other plans but I’m sure it will be a great event knowing her.

The idea of Valentine’s day is one that I think is commendable in the sense that it reminds people everywhere to think about the people they love and care about most in their lives. However, there are those who also think Valentine’s day is a lame excuse for a holiday, one that has been fabricated by greeting card companies and chocolate delicatessens.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, the important thing is to enjoy the day whether you have a “Valentine” or not and just spread love and happiness whether it be with Hershey’s chocolate kisses or a smile.



One Response to “Love is in the air <3”

  1. Brownsugarlover January 19, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Wow has time flew by, almost a year and i had the chance to be your valentine. I no life can get hard sometimes and it seems like nothing can go right, but i know from experience that if you have unconditional love then nothing else really matters. This holiday is special to me because it allowed me to express the love i had for you almost a year ago. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. You are my true love and i thank God for you every day and i plan to be here through the ups and downs. there are no words that can fully express my deepest emotions but when i see you and i look into your beautiful eyes I know God had sent down an angel from above. I will forever be thankful for the times we have shared and i want you to understand that you will always be my Queen, the one i love with all my heart and most importantly you will forever be MY Valentine. I LOVE YOU BABE, WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE ONCE AGAIN?

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