Big Fish

6 Feb

Yesterday I went to the Baltimore Aquarium for the FIRST time! I honestly don’t know what’s taken me so long to go.

I had a great time however sadly we got there too late for the Dolphin exhibit.

I was also surprised by how fast we reached Baltimore from Arlington and yes we were going the speed limit, haha.

To be honest with you I felt like a little kid on a field trip. My ears hung on every word when the aquarium staff explained to me why the baby ‘giant octopus’ was hiding in the dark corner of its rock cave. If that’s not enough, the first thing I said when we saw the fish from the Pacific Reef was, “YES, THAT’S WHERE NEMO LIVES”… embarrassing now that I look back on it. I’m sure no one would guess that I was 20 years old.

But I did learn a lot. For instance, did you know that a Penguin can swim upwards of 25 miles per hour? Or that an Eel produces enough electricity to shock a horse?

The Australian Exhibit
Me! With some edit effects courtesy of my friend and his phone.

I will definitely be making another trip to the Baltimore Aquarium but I might wait until the weather gets warmer. That’s the thing about the cold, it makes me want to stay warm and cozy indoors.


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