I’m freezing!

19 Jan

My initial feeling when I returned to Arlington, VA was, “I AM FREEZING!”. I was ill equipped for the weather, arriving at Reagan Int’l in DC with jeans, short sleeve top, MU cardigan, and red flats. I had to wrap myself up with the blankets from the airlines because I was so cold!

After my airport/cancelled flights fiasco I was just happy to finally be somewhere outside of the airport. I love to travel but the process of actually traveling is quite annoying.

I am now in my second week of school and of being back in the USA and I must say its still a bit awkward and weird.

The first week was like I wasn’t all here. In truth probably because my body was here but my mind was split between Jordan AND Panama, but alas I have become settled and now all is well.

The “shock” they tell you about reentry wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Its just awkward when you start to crave something from a specific place like ‘SHAWERMA’ (the best snack in the world) or pick up the phone to call someone and realize that they are now continents away from you.

I spoke to my host mom in Jordan and I almost teared up. I still can’t fully believe that I’m not in Jordan but I can accept it. I miss it so much and I cannot wait until my next visit.

But, now that I am back at MU I’ve just jumped right in where I left off which I think is the best part because if I had nothing to do I would just sit and wallow in my memories abroad and just be sad.

One of the best parts of being back are people who say, “so how was it”.

See, what they don’t realize is that they have just given me permission to rant and rave endlessly about my adventures which I love. I hope more people go to Jordan and countries in the Middle East because I really did have a blast and could not have imagined my semester anywhere else.

Anywho: plans for the day include two classes later in the evening, (COM 310 Presentational Communication and AA 361 Survey of Fashion) both of which are 3 hour classes, then an Alumni Association Board dinner. Compared to the rest of the week today is a no brainer.

Next week I’ll be starting my internship with Dollhouse Magazine!

Last five cents: I’m excited to be back at Marymount. I didn’t realize how much I missed people. I had an amazing time abroad and now its time to get to work because the faster this semester is over the sooner I will be a SENIOR!!!

Have a beautiful day all and you will be hearing from me soon.

A.Marie =)


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