See you in 2011!

31 Dec

At midnight it will officially be 2011 and even though I know that I will undoubtedly continue to write ‘2010’ on papers, I am looking forward to the New Year!

Usually about this time one would look back on the year and reflect on what has made them stronger or memories that have made the year unforgettable. Now, I won’t bore you but of course the most unforgettable set of memories this year stem from my study abroad experience in Amman, Jordan. I still cannot believe that it is all over and I can not wait until I make a return trip.

While my holiday in Panama has been beautiful and very hot, temperature wise, it has been a little difficult adjusting so I can only imagine when I return to Virginia.

All in all, however, I doubt that there are enough words in any language to fully describe how incredible this year has been and I am ready for what 2011 brings.

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE and I will be seeing you in 2011,

Ashley Marie Phillips


One Response to “See you in 2011!”

  1. Rachel Rosa January 12, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    OMGH I write “2010” on my papers now! l0l we are the coolest!

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