Memory Lane

3 Dec

I thought it might be nice to give you all highlights of my adventures in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Old City. Since my time is running out in Jordan I’ve been doing a lot of “remember when we” and “oh that was crazy”. Thank God for pictures and video cameras =)

I’ll try to narrate our story through pictures and some commentary here and there. Enjoy.

It all started with a smile…packed and ready to go!

Hussein Border crossing… unfortunately the Israeli side decided to close early… ugh

Then we’re headed back to Amman and guess what… car broke down…#FAIL

Miserable Face

FAST FORWARD: We finally get picked up by cousins of a friend and go eat and then head, where else, but a cafe on Rainbow St. =)

The cafe gives people these robes to wear...cute

NEXT DAY: Off to a different border…
More waiting at the border…

More Waiting...




The Citadel Youth Hostel we stayed in for a night.
That’s the dome of the rock. Haggling with store owners. WESTERN WALL ❤ One of the shirts being sold in the Christian quarter of the Old City.

FAST FORWARD: We explored the major holy “must sees”, we even went to the church built over Jesus’ tomb.

The trip was long and exhausting and full of action to say the least.
But in the end it was an experience I will never forget and will cherish forever.

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A. Marie


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