Breakfast with Muna

1 Dec

My Arabic I professor, Dr. Muna, is probably one of THE most amazing people I’ve ever met, along with my Arab Contemporary Writers professor but she will get her due in a separate blog post soon.

My first impressions of Dr. Muna were, “why is she walking so fast and why is she telling me to YELLA”.

From the first day of class when she said she would EAT us if we didn’t learn the language I knew she was special, haha.

Today she told the class out for a group breakfast! =)

The Menu included:
Spicy Hummous
Bread of course
and Tea

My favorites were Spicy Hummous and Falafel ❤


Out of the one billion classes that Dr. Muna teaches I am convinced that OUR class is her favorite! ❤

A. Marie


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