Happy H a l l o w e e n

31 Oct

Goblins, Ghouls, Zombies…negative.

This halloween was spent in a different way. Doing what you ask? Why, studying of course. I have my arabic midterms on Tuesday and Wednesday and you know what’s harder then a midterm? An ARABIC midterm. =)

Anyway, Halloween in Jordan is certainly not like halloween in the US. Some people do dress up but its really just for the kids and they don’t even door to door ‘trick or treat’. Rather its an organized event or party similar to church gatherings for kids to stuff their faces with all the candy they can.

The only adults I found running around in costumes were the Americans going to halloween parties but I could be mistaken so don’t take my absolute word for it.

Regardless I had a great Halloween. My Arabic professor Dr. Muna bought the class candy and then proceeded to review ‘Hamza chart, nunnition, past tense conjugation for ‘Fousha’ and ‘Amia’, and tons of other subjects that will be on our midterm. Afterwards I met up with some friends and went off to study some more and of course goof off on facebook and skype…Good Times.

So the closest to dressing up I came this year for Halloween was my bright pajamas and I’m ok with that. =)

On another note: our ‘EID’ holiday break is fast approaching and I can’t wait because some friends and I are going to PALESTINE and EGYPT!!! We are going to go explore more of the world and see what’s really going on! I can not wait.

Hmmm let’s see what else is relevant…

I am LOVING Jordan more and more everyday. Yes I miss people at home but I can’t imagine leaving Jordan and when the day does come I know I’m going to be sad and I will undoubtedly count the days until I can come back! I’ve said it over and over but this study abroad experience has been the BEST and I would never trade it for anything!


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