Its time for a social life Time Out

23 Oct

These past few weeks have been phenomenal. Going here and there and meeting so many great people has been a highlight to my year. Unfortunately though there is this little thing called SCHOOL that has been be fighting for my time as well.

Sadly, this is my farewell to an active social life for a little bit…or so I hope.

My Arabic I class has started to get more intense. Now, in addition to just learning vocabulary for BOTH fousha and amiya (the standard arabic and colloquial jordan arabic), we are writing for both, listening to conversations for both AND now dealing with grammar rules, which for all languages is always a drag.

In addition to my Arabic course load my Contemporary Arab Women Writers course is still moving steadily but I have to finish reading two more novels by next week and I have a paper due.

This is also MID TERM season…..enough said

The only class not giving me grief is Intro. to Islam. Knock on wood is stays that way.

I hope I’m not giving the impression that the course load is unbearable because it isn’t. I’ve had much worse at home with six classes but now I have to be a conscious effort not to go out with my friends.

How do you say no to a visit to Jerash, or a weekend in Egypt or a trip to Palestine???????????????????????

AYE CARAMBA!!! (which I learned is the equivalent to ‘YA BO YAY’ in arabic)




One Response to “Its time for a social life Time Out”

  1. Elyse October 28, 2010 at 3:32 am #

    I love reading about your adventures! It makes me really wish I had been able to go to Spain jr year like I was supposed to (stupid heart issues). It is so awesome you are learning Arabic. You could work for the CIA or something 🙂

    See ya in the spring!


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