I want to stay in Jordan :'(

23 Oct

I’m not even half way through my time in Jordan and I already have this overwhelming sensation of wanting to stay here.

The day my flight left for Jordan I realized that I this was the farthest I would be traveling on my own and staying for such a long duration of time. Yes, I was nervous. I was anxious and I was starting to doubt my decision but ever since the day I landed in Amman via Queen Alia Airport I was in love. In love with the country, in love with its people, in love with its FOOD, and in love with its culture.

I have been blessed with a beautiful opportunity and have taken full advantage of as much as I can. I hiked through Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, I traveled on camel for 3 hours to a camp site in Wadi Rum to dance around bonfires with Bedouin people, I swam in the Dead Sea AND the Red Sea, and sooooo much more!

Being in Jordan just proves to me how much I have yet seen. There is so much around you that for you to keep yourself in one environment all your life is a huge disservice. I find myself talking to my friends here in Jordan and wondering where we should go next!

Check out some pictures from these past few weeks especially my BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Arabic I class outside for my 'other' Bday celebration!

Eating MENSAF for the first time the traditional way

MENSAF (Lamb, Rice, Almond nuts, yogurt)

BDAY Weekend in AQABA

Our outside bungalows

My favorite sign at Bedouin Garden Village in Aqaba

The largest shrimp I've EVER eaten

Bedouin Garden Village, only 6 JD a night if you stay on the roof!


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