The BIG 2 0 =)

16 Oct

In less than 2 hours I will FINALLY be 20 years old!

This weekend I spent three beautiful days in Aqaba with some friends. We stayed in a hostel called Bedouin Garden Village and slept outside…yes I said OUTSIDE. We only spend 6JD a night and the staff was very nice and always willing to help us with anything.

We spent much of our time on the shore of the Red Sea at the Royal Jordan Diving Beach. The entire scene was a sight. Each direction screamed majestic and the water was so clear I could see each individual pebble lining the ocean bed.

I didn’t dare to venture too far out because I was afraid of being gobbled on by a giant fish or something equally frightening, ha.

I met so many people this weekend that just aided in my love of Jordan. It was also crazy to me how close we were to the border of Saudi Arabia. Literally if we had strayed to far to the left we would be there.

Candle lit hookah on the beach, swimming the Red Sea, meeting Marines and Naval men at the resort, and sleeping outside in hammocks and huts all added to an unforgettable 20th Bday Weekend.

Now, tomorrow, Sunday (my actual birthday) I will going to Pasha Turkish Bath after school to be pampered and massaged and then get ready for my party at AL ASAYEL Equestrian Club.

2 0 here I come!


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