Let me tell you about the time I was kidnapped in Cambodia…

5 Oct

Judging from the blog title I bet you are quite interested in what I’m going to tell you right? Good.

Today after class my friend Waldemar and I decided to study at a restaurant in Jabbal Amman on Rainbow Street. This street is known for its many yummy delights and the famous falafel place where the King himself has frequented.

It so happened that Waldemar had met the owner of the restaurant during his first visit and had become good acquaintances. So, we’re eating and reading for classes and what not the owner comes and chats with us for awhile and eventually just sits with us. When he walked out and introduced himself I was taken back because he didn’t seem, from the outside looking in, like he owned such a posh place. He hid dreadlocks under a beret, wore jeans, a t shirt, and white tennis shoes, and large sunglasses that I was convinced must be permanently attached because he never once removed them from his scruffy face.

His whole demeanor just screamed ‘interesting’. He began talking to us about his travels, places he had lived although he was born and raised in Amman. He also told us about movie sets he had worked on, some of which blockbuster movies by the way, people he had met, everything. This mans life should be a movie.

He even told us about a time when he was living in Cambodia and was kidnapped. He laughs it off now but my face was just awe struck. We asked politely how old he was and he replied that he was almost 31 come October 13; 4 days before MY BIRTHDAY making him a LIBRA…another reason why he is so kool.

So, yea he was a great person to talk to and I can’t wait for our next conversation especially since he has invited Waldemar and I to DJ at his restaurant this week! Jordan’s not ready, we are going to shut it down on Rainbow Street =)

Moral of this story is: you never know someone’s story until you ask and never judge someone because you will never have the correct assumptions.

Side and final note: I am so excited to return home with new friends and share of my experiences and conversation in depth.

My life should sooooooo be made into film. I’m telling you it would be the best movie of all time!

OH and shout out to my host brother Mustafa! He is 9 today!


One Response to “Let me tell you about the time I was kidnapped in Cambodia…”

  1. Doralisa Pilarte October 14, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    Hi, Ahsley! I’d like to feature you in the next issue of MU News, our recruiting newsletter. Get in touch when you can and let’s figure it out!

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