Khalas! Yela Yela!

26 Sep

My two favorite words: Khalas which means ‘enough’ and Yela which means ‘lets go’.

I learned Khalas from my host mom because she is always saying it to my 9yr old host brother Mustafa…haha

Pretty much everyone in Jordan is always saying ‘Yela’. I learned that one quick!

I was just talking to some friends about learning languages at our home schools and we all agreed that no matter what language oyur trying to learn it will always benefit you to learn it in the country where it is spoken. Reason being, when you are in class learning a language you are speaking that language in the class counting the minutes until class is over and you can conintue on with a long list of things to do with your day. Versus, in my case, before I even GET to class I have to speak some jumbled words of Arabic to greet my family, then to direct the Taxi driver to get me to school, and THEN in the classroom. When the class is over I still have to speak Arabic. So I have found that learning Arabic here in Jordan will undoubtedly expedite the learning and memorization process. I.e: Food for thought: if you REALLY want to learn a language take the plunge and throw yourself into the culture.

Many of the CIEE students have called me ‘brave’ for coming to Jordan without taking not one Arabic course AT ALL. Personally, I think it puts me at an advantage because I’m a clean slate ready to retain everything!


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