Ana talieb arabi

26 Sep

As if exploration and adventures couldn’t take up my time I am also confined to a 15 credit course schedule!

Its ok though because my classes are AMAZING.

My schedule for the week goes like this:
Sun/Tue/Thurs 3 hours of Arabic I – Modern Standard Arabic
Mon/Wed 8am-9:20am Arabic I – Colloquial
Mon/Wed 2-3:20 Contemporary Arab Women Writers
Mon/Wed 3:30-4:40 Intro to Islam

As you can see my week is pretty full. And of course I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t join AT LEAST one club. Calligraphy club meets every other week if I’m not mistaken and trust me I had to fight the urge not to join more.

Also, it would behove me not to mention that my Arabic professor Dr. Muna is by far the best foreign language professor I have EVER had. She told us on the first day two very important things. Number 1: After one month we will all be speaking arabic fluently AND be able to read and write in arabic AND when we take of final exams we will be at LEVEL 4! Number 2: If we do not succeed she will EAT us…

Then there is Professor Rula who teaches my Arab Women Writers course. She is defintely a rebel in my opinion. She speaks her mind freely and with out contention. She joked that our classroom was probably bugged and I think she was serious, haha. She warned that some topics we went over in class would be stirring or make us so angry we might want to punch something. Every word that flows from her mouth is like poetry almost like a sheet of music you read and can hear the melody in your ear. I don’t even think I have the words to truly describe her but I am excited to be taking her class.

And finally there is my Intro to Islam professor whose name escapes me at the moment and I haven’t put my finger on him quite yet. He is very laid back…usually late to class…he sits at the front table and just talks about the Islamic faith for an hour. Occassionally he throws in a joke or two that no one really understands. Don’t get me wrong the information is very interesting but the professor could benefit from being less monotone.

Overall, classes have been going very well. In fact TODAY I had my first Arabic I quiz and I’m pretty sure I aced it…Just saying.


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