School Daze

19 Sep

Today was the first day of school!!!

Remember when you started kindergarten and you wore your new best new clothes, packed your bookbag with all your fancy pencils, and headed off with the biggest smile on your face? Well, that was me this morning.

My first day at the University of Jordan was filled with excitement, anxiety, and curiosity.

Lucky for me, while other students were taking their language placement exams I, with about 20 others, deemed “beginner” had our first Arabic language class.

Now, all of us know about two words in arabic and could probably give you the first three letters of the alphabet if that so you could imagine our faces when the professor walked in speaking to us in arabic. Thankfully, our professor has a great sense of humor and we could tell instantly that she was going to be phenomenal.

Professor Muna has promised that after one month we will be speaking arabic with confidence AND she even went so far as to say that at the end of the semester when we all take our final exam our results will put us on level 4 status. LEVEL 4! As in INTERMEDIATE ARABIC almost Advanced. Clearly we all looked at her like she was crazy but she is dedicated to her vow so we’ll see.

Aside from classes (which I love) the university itself is something to get used to. My home university is small and set in a very suburban area. But UJ has over 38,000 students and its in a VERY urban city setting, always hustling and bustling. It takes much more effort to get to your next class oh AND then of course there is this overwhelming notion that you MUST be an alien with slime all over for how much people stare at you.

No worries though, its only the first week. I’m sure that after 3 1/2 months everyone in the program will have made friends with a good number of UJ students.


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