First Friday

17 Sep

Today was my first Friday here in Amman staying with the Al-Amin family. I awoke from a most peaceful sleep due to the stillness of the neighborhood and baby soft sheets on my bed.

We all gathered around the kitchen table for breakfast which was very different from what a breakfast in the US is like. There were no eggs, sausages, waffles, etc, instead there was freshly made apricot and strawberry jellies, hummus, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, and an olive and thyme combination that is to die for.

These items are not to be eaten with forks or spoons but rather with your hands and its all communal meaning that everyone eats from the same plate but in their respective areas of said plate.

I do not know what was better; the food or eating with my hands.
All in all though; SUPERB!

After breakfast we watched TV together for awhile. (TV seems to be the “lets get together and have family time” instrument).

Eventually, one by one, people started to make their way to their rooms either for a quick nap or, in my case, a nice shower.

Later, we ventured to Jabbal Amman for a market called Souk Jara. It is only open for the next 7 Friday’s. The very first purchase I made was for a charm the image of the Eye of Horus which happens to be the tattoo I have on my wrist. Naturally, I HAD to buy it, plus it was over 30 years old! I paid 5 JD for it and I am sure that in the US something that genuine would have run me much more dinero.

The second and last purchase of the night was a gold plated miniature scale. I happen to be a Libra so I saw this and instantly knew I had to have it!!! The entire market was filled with beautiful hand made crafts and delicious delicacies. In a place like that it is very hard not to lose your mind.

When the shopping and gazing was finished we all had falafels and headed back to the house.

I also took note as to remember the route back to the house so that when I have to take Taxi’s to and from school I know how to direct the driver. So far, no such luck. I may have to record with my camera the route!


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