Apart of the family =)

17 Sep

My host family is absolutely incredible.
They are by far the cutest family in Jordan.

I am staying with the Al-Amin’s in their beautiful home.

The family consists of mom and dad and three kids. The oldest is their daughter Joud who is actually studying abroad now at American University. Their second daughter is here, Hour, and she is 15. Then there is the youngest, a boy, 9 years old named Mustafa.

Mustafa reminds me a lot of my little brother at home who will be 10 soon.

The family has welcomed us (Erica and I) with open arms and expect us to treat our stay here as a home rather than a hostel or hotel.

Our first night a very special dinner was prepared and we entertained a guest who was visiting from the UK. The meal was DELICIOUS half of which I cannot pronounce.

The family has hosted american students previously but Erica and I are determined to make our visit the best host experience they have ever had.


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