Just Another Monday Night

3 Aug

Typically what do you do on a Monday night? I usually sit around, watch tv, and whine about how its the first day of the week and how long its going to be until the weekend.

Yesterday, I took a different route.

It all started when I walked into work and my friend was talking (or rather yelling) throughout the office about Kelis coming to DC in August. I considered myself somewhat a Kelis fan from back in the day but I hadn’t heard too much of her new stuff. So, he proceeded to play just about every song from her new album in the office and eventually persuaded me to buy a ticket that day to see both Kelis and someone named Robyn at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC.

From that day I listened to music from both Kelis and Robyn non stop.

Then the day finally came…

When I say amazing I literally mean AMAZING (it also helped that my outfit was FIERCE beyond comparison).

Black Dress - ASOS.com Heels - Steve Madden

August 2nd also happened to be the last day of summer classes so that night was my celebratory release from exams and Saturday morning environmental science labs!

My Monday pretty much went like this: 11am to 5pm Work in the office then 6:30pm FINAL EXAM for Environmental Science and then around 7:30pm I ran (no really RAN) to my dorm room and changed my clothes and was on my way to DC.

This concert was the first I had been to at the 9:30 Club. The club gives you a very open warehouse kind of vibe. We all had pre-ordered our tickets on ticketfly so we didn’t have to wait in a line (yea, we were pretty much on our VIP status). Before you actually get into the 9:30 Club they ID you and of course me being only 20 I got this GIANT MONSTROSITY of a stamp on BOTH hands. I felt like I was being read my rights because the “ID Check Man” read me a script of dos and dont’s then told me to place both hands within what looked like chalk outlines of a hand three time the size of mine and then stamped me with what looked like cupcakes, it was intense.

Once we got passed the stamping station we went as close to the stage as possible. Doors opened at 6:30pm so we were concerned about space but thankfully we had perfect spots. Moments later we were engulfed in GREATNESS so we really did come at the perfect time.


When I tell you that Kelis in concert is like a 70% sale on Steve Maddens 5″ pumps I mean it literally! Her body…INSANE…her performance…out of this WORLD. The best part was that everyone there was so much fun. It wasn’t just a concert. It turned into the best party atmosphere! Everyone there just wanted to have a good time and enjoy themselves, no fighting no drama, just Kelis and Robyn and dancing and sweat!

Trust me concerts are a GREAT way to bring in the week.

What will I get into tonight…its only Tuesday?


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