“You may be a match”

8 Jul

An hour ago I was riding back from Ballston with my friend Kritishma on the MU shuttle bus. I was playing around with the new digital camera I had purchased at Radio Shack inspecting every button and checking each setting.

I looked over to my phone, it was vibrating. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t answer. Again, it vibrated and again I didn’t recognize the number so I left it. Then the voicemail icon popped up. I decided to check it.

The two minute voicemail turned my world upside down and immediately made me feel like I was in a movie and the background music was a slow daunting violin and piano ensemble.

The woman’s voice in the message was urgent and direct. Each word still rings in my ear as I type this.
“This message is in regards to a cheek swag you gave when signing up to be a bone marrow donor”.
Right then I knew what the rest of the message was going to be about but I had no idea how intense the situation actually was.

I called the number the woman left in the message secretly hoping she didn’t answer or that when she did answer that she would be mistaken…she did pick up…and she wasn’t mistaken at all…

So, the after a bit of introduction she immediately says to me that I may be a match for an 18 year old boy with Leukemia and he has no family members that are a match. She she’s that blood tests and physical exams need to be done right away. Then she says will I be available Monday, the sooner the better. Mind you my head is already reeling from her last three sentences but on top of all that I am leaving Saturday morning to go to St. Louis, MO and won’t be back until the following Friday. As soon as I said that I could feel her hopes drop a little and the disappointment in her voice was evident. I apologized and explained the situation but assured her that I would be available as soon as I returned. She agreed that the tests would just have to be done when I got back and proceeded to email me a questionnaire and then wished me a good day.

Needless to say that was news I had not expected and couldn’t just return from that easily.

Right now, sitting and writing this all I can do is think about the things that were going through my head when I decided to fill out that paperwork to be a donor. I remember it like it was happening right now. It’s actually a funny story. But, at the end of everything I may be anxious and nervous about the idea of giving bone marrow but if that’s all I need to do to save a life or at least better someone’s life in some capacity then kool beans.

I know that was a lot. Originally I was going to write about my dresses that just came from ASOS.com from the UK and the fact that I am going to St. Louis and how excited I am and even the fact that I am going to see Kelis and Robyn at the 9:30 club in August…funny how things happen right?

Phew, anyway I had to get that out. I shall keep my readers thoroughly informed. Who knows, if I turn out to be a true match and go through with the donation process maybe I can made a documentary out of it? Hmmm

=) Thanks for reading.


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