Partner in Crime

9 Jun

Summer 2010 has officially proven itself to be full of surprises and unforgetable moments. Just the other day my friend Jeffery and I decided to forge a full fledged investigation to find our boss who was just taking the day off. Talk about good times!

Remember its the little things that really count!

Besides that, working this summer in the Admissions office has been “too much”. Let me tell you, if there is any place you want to work over the Summer it most definitely must be the Admissions office. Don’t get me wrong its hard work! We do everything in there! No lie. But when all the work is done play time commences!

My new partner in crime, Jeffery, is the real trouble maker and I just seem to fall right behind him in all his schemes and shananagans in the office. Now, typing about him just wont do him any justice and therefore you must meet him on campus youself but I will tell you this, all of his phrases and ideaologies have inspired me to write a book, a collection of thoughts if you will, that encompass the craziness we run into on a daily basis. My blog readers will be the first ones to get the inside scoop when the collection is publlished, I promise!

Anywho, I also thought I should add that Jeffery and I have decided what we want to do when we graduate from Marymount in 2012! (woooooot woooooot Class of 2012!!!) We have decided that to go to graduate school in the Big Apple and turn New York upside down! Big aspirations, I know, but why not?


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