8 Jun

The NBA Finals are here and I have come to find that many of my friends are Boston Celtics fans. Why you ask, I have no idea, however, I would like to go on record by announcing to the world that I am a Lakers fan!

My roommate for the summer is not  a Lakers fan at all so while we were watch Game 3 of the Finals tonight there was a lot of “hating” going on in our room. Especially when it came down to the fourth quarter and it was anyone’s game. I also found it interesting how my Twitter timeline was engulfed with the game and TEAMLAKERS and TEAMCELTIC comments. There are some brutle people out there that just get very hype about their team. Some take it a tad bit too far. (Just saying) Regardless though it would be rude of me not to point out that the team that did win was the LAKERS and they WILL WILL again in Game 4! So, Celtics, watch out because the big W is going to the LAKERS! =)

Kobe!!! Best Leadership qualities I've ever seen on a court!


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