Art Whino!

11 Apr

Art Whino is located at the National Harbor waterfront in Maryland.

Yesterday, I, along with my friends Tiffany and Candice and my play brother Joseph and his wife (also named Candice), went to a gallery showcase at Art Whino on 173 Waterfront St. at the National Harbor in Maryland. The event was free and they promised food so I was definitely going to make a point of going!

The showcase was for a Brazilian artist named Lelo entitled “Food Chain”.

“Food Chain”, a recent series of mixed media drawings and paintings by Brazilian artist Lelo, examines the relationships between human nature and animal nature. In his first solo show in the US, Lelo brings us a variety of works, all of which address his central themes of animal and human relationships, metamorphosis, and interconnectedness. His lighthearted style and use of vivid colors add an unexpected element of excitement to his subject matter. Much of his imagery has a distinct and almost exotic feel to it, reflective of his Brazilian roots.

Check out the Website!:

Look at some of Lelo’s work:

I enjoyed looking around the gallery but one thing that became very apparent to me was, “I would be a great artist!” Seriously, there were some pieces in the gallery that I think my little brother could have done. They weren’t pieces by Lelo though. His pieces were elaborate and I starred at them for long periods of time trying to understand where the artists head was when he painted them. Needless to say I still haven’t figured it out.

After exploring the gallery we just walked around the harbor since the weather was nice. We came across this HUGE man in the sand sculpture! I’m not sure what it’s called but I was informed that it was moved from its home in DC to now reside at the harbor. It’s a spectacular sight that I encourage you to go see for yourself. I wonder what was going through the sculptors mind.


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