“U St. Utopia”

1 Apr

Congrats to me for another Wednesday night success with my friend Tiffany! We have officially started a tradition; Wednesday is the new Friday! Every Wednesday we’re just going to go into DC or VA or MD or anywhere really and just find adventure! (or at least good music)

This week we went to Utopia at 1418 U Street Northwest in Washington, D.C. For those who have never been to Utopia it’s essentially a restaurant, jazz lounge, and art gallery all wrapped into one. Utopia is Designed to be a place of inspiration and not to mention the food is amazing. I have consistently ordered the same dish since my first visit in 2008, the Pecan Chicken! OH MAN, it is the bomb-diggity and you absolutely have not lived until you eat it!!!

After my History class I headed over to main campus for a quick second and then met up with my friend at Ballston Metro marking the commencement of what proved to be a most eventful night!

We decided to “save time” by taking the orange line to Metro Center on the red line and then Gallery Place to catch the yellow or green line to the U St. metro stop. Unfortunately metro decided to have delays and such so we ended up waiting a good 15 minutes at the both transfer points! That’s not even the half of it…

So we get on the train at Metro Center finally, packed liked sardines of course and there’s this man just ranting and raving the most insane things you could imagine. I thought he was on the phone so instantly assumed he was using a blue tooth; not the case. This man had the entire car rolling on the floor in laughter but scared at the same time. When the train stopped at Gallery Place, our stop thankfully, the doors weren’t opening…so at this point in addition to Mr. Crazy man some older gentleman proceeds to tell my friend how beautiful she is and compares me to Michelle Obama? There was too much happening clearly.

THEN, the doors opened but only because DC po-po burst through like a cannon ball. Things moved fast after that. I just vividly remember a small police woman with dreadlocks just wrestling this man who is like five times her size.  It was great. Ok, not great for him obviously but  the entire situation was just so random which became the theme for our night! Ha!

Once we actually got to the restaurant the food was amazing as always and the live jazz band was hitting every note with so much emotion and passion I thought I was going to pass out. Especially the Saxophone player, his facial expressions were FANTASTIC and the music the all made was beautiful!

We finally left Utopia and decided that we weren’t ready to end our night so we opted to just walk around U St. and find something to entertain us…and we did!

On this walk of ours we  were approached by some random creepy man, ew. That was a NO DEAL moment and if he made one move the wrong way I was ready to attack. You just never know these days; good thing I took a self-defense class.  He left us alone though and we proceeded to stop into a tattoo parlor? Random right? Yea, it is.

We went into DC ink on U St. because my friend wanted to ask about getting a “beauty mark” tattoo on her face…………yea that’s what I said. The characters you meet in DC are just great I tell you. Everyone in the parlor had me on the floor laughing mind you we don’t know them, they don’t know us and we had no intention of getting tattoos at that point.

So, after leaving the tattoo place the real adventure begins. Our plan was to walk to Liv, the club we went to the Wednesday prior, to see if maybe any local bands were playing. As we are standing across from it looking into what appeared to be closed for the night we contemplated calling it a night when all of a sudden out the blue we meet a group of people who go to Howard University and just spark up conversation.

We’re just standing talking about our majors and what we’re doing when we graduate and how we like our schools, like intense conversation here. Eventually, long story short, we walked from U St. to Adams Morgan, talked about life and all in between topics and just took in the night.

It was chill, it was calm, it was everything a Wednesday night in DC should be.

Can’t wait to see what we do next Wednesday =)

I’m desperately trying to get tickets to see Wale and K’naan at the 930 Club but tickets are Sold Out and Craigslist is not doing too much justice =(

*Fingers Crossed* I find tickets.



A. Marie


One Response to ““U St. Utopia””

  1. Angel April 13, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    I love Utopia!
    The food there is sooo good, a little pricy but its worth it.

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