Big night, ‘Little Dragon’

25 Mar

AMAZING PHENOMENAL GREATNESS was witnessed last night at Liv in Washington DC on 11th and U St. Insanely amazing! In fact so insanely amazing that it should be illegal.

My friend Tiffany and I ventured into DC last night for an unbelievable performance by beautiful artists and quite frankly, now I have a new outlook on music and just going out and vibeing with people from all over the place.

Everyone was just naturally gorgeous and down to earth versus when you go into the club scene and people are very plastic and snootty pa tootty if you know what I mean. Here, it was sooo chill, from the atmosphere, the venue, just the overall vibe was perfect; I will definitely be there again.

So, I know at first I was like ummm ‘Little Dragon’ what is that but I am so happy that my friend talked it up the way she did plus the ticket was so cheap, it was only $19.44! But ‘Little Dragon’ is like a force. Literally when they perform all eyes are on them and the lead singer Yukimi Nagano is just a little fireball on her toes all over the stage. During one of their sets I promise it was like she was in a trance of pure bliss and happiness and everyone watching was trying to get there too. Every song was a breath of fresh air from VV Brown, who opened the show, to the main attraction!

VV Brown is also my new love, no joke! Plus, she has some Caribbean roots so I am definitely on her team. I wish her only the best because her music is beautiful and if you haven’t heard any of her songs you are doing yourself a major disservice!

Little Dragon group shot. They are unbeliveable live!

Just looking back at the night I am in awe. These are moments you see on TV shows and just wish you could be doing the same thing. And now I am =)

I know for a fact that at home in Newport News there would be no chance of doing anything even remotely close to compare to last night. At all.

*Deep sigh* Last night was the best and I love the fact that I was introduced to a new genre of music that I am in crazy love, head over heels for now!!!

Let’s see what plans we can come up with for the rest of the week! =)

Pics and video coming soon!! but in the mean time check out VV BROWN and LITTLE DRAGON!

Miss VV Brown! She sings a song called 'Shark in the Water' that I'm pretty sure you've heard on TV before somewhere!




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