Spring time is here!!!

23 Mar

Cherry Blossoms

I’m not even sure if there are enough words in the English language to describe how happy I am that the weather is turning around!

The cold thing was getting old and let’s be honest snow is not my friend at all and now that its getting warmer I can do so much more. For example now I can go into DC a bit more and just walk around and look for ancient treasure maps and secret codes and not need warming pads in my pocket or need to be wrapped in three scarves and long johns. I’m actually trying to make my way into DC tomorrow after I’m done tutoring to see this band play that one of my friends have been raving about for a few days. Mind you, I’ve never heard of them but from what she says they seem alright, plus I haven’t been to hear a live band play in just about forever. The bands name is ‘Little Dragon’ <<

But hey, what’s life without a little variety? =)

So, continuing on my rant about how amazing the spring time is…

Do you ever notice how refreshing spring tends to be? Maybe that’s just me but literally when spring comes around people want to clean and organize; its almost revitalizing in a way. New flowers, new air, new everything; its great.

AND SPRINGFEST is almost here!!! April 16th and I am so so excited. I mean come on its a luau theme, that’s just screaming ‘good time’. =)

Then, once the spring is officially over SUMMER STARTS and oh boy do I have plans for summer. Granted those plans include summer classes on campus but when I’m not in class oh I will be having a BLAST trust me and all right before its time for me to head to JORDAN in the fall!



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