Guess whos going abroad!!!

14 Mar

You guessed right, ME! =)

I received my acceptance letter yesterday from the Global Education Office saying that I had been accepted into the program and could continue onto the remaining steps to ensure my study at the University of Jordan!

City of Petra in Jordan! I can't wait to see it with my own two eyes!!!

Talk about excited!!!! I am so pumped its ridiculous. I don’t even know how many words could possibly express how amped I am about going abroad let alone going to Jordan.

First things first, let  me explain a little about the journey that has gotten me to this ecstatic point…

It all started on a normal school day, I was just walking by a wall or column when I noticed a flyer for a new program in Jordan and a nice scholarship to match! So, being that free is always a great number I was interested and went to see the Global Education Director in Ballston.

After the meeting I immediately went to get forms signed and essays written! I expressed to him that I wanted to go to Jordan because I want to show students that a) you don’t have to go abroad solely for your major (because clearly there are no fashion courses in Jordan) and b) any country is available to you! ANY country at all!!!

My goals going to Jordan are to fully be immersed in the culture and above all else learn the language! I told my friends that speak Arabic that I would come back and have a conversation with them so I hope that works out for me!!!

Now, I have some housekeeping things to complete, more forms to submit, but I am well on my way to studying at the University of Jordan in the Fall of 2010!!!!


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